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Each cargo with final destination Burundi should be covered by an E-CTN also known as BESC.


At Burundi, BESC also known as ECTN is the most important document for all kinds of loading shipments. It will be asked by Custom officials of Burundi during the regulatory checking routine.


Burundi ECTN Certificate is an mandatory document for shipping to Burundi, It is also known as BECA. All shippers must carry this document while shipping to Burundi. In addition, It may be asked by custom officials at the port to verify the shipment. Not presenting this certificate to custom officers at the port may result heavy penalties as per law of Burundi.

Benefits of Burundi ECTN CERTIFICATE

By having a ECTN Certificate for Burundi, you’re following the regulations of Burundi. In addition, by having a Burundi ECTN CERTIFICATE you cannot be penalized for not having a ECTN certificate at the port during the checks by custom officers.

Importance of Burundi ECTN

Burundi ECTN is an electronic cargo tracking note that is required for all goods imported into Burundi. It is an important document that helps to ensure the security of cargo and provide traceability throughout the supply chain. The ECTN also helps to streamline customs clearance procedures, reduce paperwork and speed up the process of importing goods into Burundi. It is a mandatory requirement for all importers and must be obtained before any goods can be shipped to Burundi. By using a Burundi ECTN, importers can ensure that their shipments are safe and secure, while also reducing delays at customs clearance.

Documents required:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial invoice / Freight invoice


Burundi ECTN Certificate is a document that is required for all exports from Burundi. It is issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and must be obtained before any goods can be shipped out of the country. The certificate serves as proof that the goods have been properly declared and are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. All exporters, including individuals, companies, and organizations, must obtain an ECTN Certificate before they can export their goods to Burundi.

Applying for a Burundi ECTN Certificate is an important step in the process of exporting goods from Burundi. The certificate is required by the government to ensure that all goods exported from the country are properly documented and accounted for. In order to apply for a Burundi ECTN Certificate, you must first submit an application form to the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Once your application has been approved, you will be issued with a certificate which must be presented at customs when exporting goods from Burundi.

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Obtaining a Burundi ECTN Certificate can be a time-consuming process. The amount of time it takes to get the certificate depends on the type of goods being shipped, the country of origin, and other factors. Generally, it takes between two days and upto two weeks for an ECTN Certificate to be issued. It is important to note that this timeline may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each shipment. Additionally, there may be additional delays due to paperwork or other administrative issues.

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) is an official marine document that contains all the comprehensive details about your goods when its transfer between ports.

CTN number is necessary to put on all the documentation related to the cargo being shipped under this note.

ECTN stands for Electronic Cargo Tracking Note is a mandatory certificate in shipping. This certificate contains information about freight or cargo, and it is used by authorities in some countries to control imported goods before they reach the destination port

Obtaining a Burundi ECTN Certificate is an important step for businesses that are looking to export goods from Burundi. The certificate is required by the government of Burundi and must be obtained before any goods can be exported. There will be nominal charges for the application for applying ECTN certificate. In case of applying through a agent or firm also attracts some additional professional charges that must be paid seperately and depends on the agent or firm.