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ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note)  Is an Important document that is required to Ship or export to Togo. Togo ECTN Certificate helps you avoid penalties for not having an ECTN along with safe shipment through to Sea to Togo. Each cargo Destined to Lome (TOGO) should be covered by an ECTN.


Togo ECTN certificate

The Togo ECTN Certificate is a required document that you must have before exporting to Lome (Togo). It contains a lot of information such as details of the exporter, Goods details that are being transported, Cargo and container size along with the quantity of Containers.

It also helps you to track down your Cargo and shipment with Togo CTN. If you fail to provide ECTN for the shipment to the Customs officials at the port of Lome, You will end up bearing penalties.

So it’s always better to obtain a Togo ECTN Certificate before you start shipping your cargo to Togo as an Exporter or Importer it is a mandatory certificate for all shipments.

Togo ECTN or BESC contains valuable information such as

  • Details of the exporter
  • Details of the goods being exported or Imported
  • Details of the Containers and Size
  • Number of total containers
  • Details of the Destination, etc.
Togo ECTN Certificate

Required documents for applying Togo ECTN:

As an exporter or importer if you want to apply or obtain Togo ECTN then you need to provide some documents that are required and mentioned below.

  • Bill of Lading (OBL for validation)
  • Commercial invoice / Freight invoice
  • Export Customs Declaration
  • Country of Origin of the goods
  • Contact information of the exporter/shipper and Importer.

Togo ECTN provider in India

Samsea Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. has been rated as the #1 ECTN  provider in India. As we provide ECTN to almost every country that requires an ECTN for Export and Import. Samsea Shipping has branch offices in Maximum states in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore etc

In addition, Samsea Shipping is a globally recognized and as well as trusted  ECTN agent in Togo.

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Togo ECTN benefits

Having an ECTN certificate for Togo, you will have several benefits such as avoiding getting penalized by customs officials at the port, Faster processing and clearance, etc.

Some of the benefits of having a Togo CTN are listed below.

  • Faster processing of the cargo at the port.
  • Saves your time, and avoids complicated processes at the port.
  • Ease of doing cargo transport for your business. 



Full Procedure

The procedure to get ECTN for Togo is quite simple and easy with Samsea Shipping Services. 

procedure for Togo ECTN
  1. Share and Submit your required documents via email to us –
  2. You’ll receive an Invoice from Samsea Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. along with some important draft details within a few hours.
  3. Once the payment has been made from your end, We will issue a draft ECTN to you.
  4. Once the draft has been approved by you, A new ECTN number will be issued to you. (On pre-validation)
  5. After successful validation from the shipper or from the authorized representative. ECTN will be completely valid.

Some Faqs related to Togo ECTN Certificate

Yes, ECTN is a mandatory document and you must have it before you start shipping your cargo to Togo.

SAMSEA SHIPPING PVT LTD is an authorized ECTN provider in India for Togo.

It depends on the laws of the country you’re shipping to. According to the shipping and import-export laws of Togo. You could be punished with heavy penalties in montery terms.