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Chad ECTN Certificate

 An Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) is a mandatory document that every exporter and importer must have especially if your cargo shipment is heading to Chad. The process of getting a Chad ECTN Certificate could be annoying in some cases as the government of Chad has very strict rules and a verification process.

But do not stress anymore as you can get help from Samsea Shipping Services, your one and only reliable ECTN agent and provider.

What is a ECTN?

ECTN, also known as BESC is a must-have document in Chad, especially for transportation and freight forwarding purposes. 

In Chad, the Ectn Certificate may be asked by Chad customs officials at the port to verify the shipment. In case of not presenting the certificate to the custom officer or the authority, it may lead to heavy fines and legal action procedures according to the law.

Chad Ectn Certificate

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Importance of Bsc in Chad

Bsc, also known as ECTN, is a mandatory document as it contains a lot of important information for shipping any cargo through the sea transport medium. In addition, it also helps you avoid getting penalized for not having a BESC/Bsc for Chad Port.
ECTN Certificate includes information such as:

  • Information of the goods that are being transported.
  • Weight, Size, and quantity of the goods.
  • Details of the exporter
  • Details of the Importer
  • Details of Container size.
  • Exact count of Containers etc.


Above mentioned details are necessary, but they may vary depending on requirements. In addition, You may be required to submit additional details in case required by rules of Chad.

Best Chad ECTN agent in Asia

Samsea Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted and reliable ECTN agent in Asia that serves its services globally. We provide Besc, CEE, ECTN, Bsc for 22+ African countries for Cargo shipments. We are the best CTN provider in India along with Chad.

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Documents required for Applying for Chad ECTN Certificate:

  • Bill of Lading (OBL for validation)
  • Commercial invoice / Freight invoice
  • Country of Origin of goods

FAQ's Regarding Chad ECTN Certificate

Nowadays, everything is digital. Following the same. You do not need a physical copy of your ECTN (also known as BESC) Certificate. You can show the digital copy to the authority or customs official at the port. 

In addition, If you need a physical copy too. you can easily take a printout of the certificate provided by Samsea Shipping Services Pvt. ltd. or by a government-authorized ECTN provider.

As per law, you must have a customer or commercial invoice. It helps the custom official or authority to assess import duty and taxes. 

In addition, it also makes it easier to figure out foreign exchange currency rates for further processing.

Yes, you must have a Bill of landing as it’s a mandatory document and must be issued by your carrier to you (the shipper) with details like item type, quantity, destination, price per unit .etc for the goods being shipped or carried.

Normally from the date of applying for an ECTN Chad just gets issued in 3 days.

But in some cases, it may take up to a week (7 Days) It completely depends on the government of Chad and issuing authority.

Yes, Bsc or ECTN are the same. Both serve the same purpose, where Bsc full form is Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison in cargo shipping and ECTN stands for Electronic Cargo Tracking Note.

Yes, You can track your cargo shipment with CTN or ECTN as it provides you traceability of your shipment.

Samsea Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. is based in India and serves globally including 22+ African countries. If you are looking for ECTN for Somalia, or other countries or ports, Feel free to contact us to obtain one for your Cargo shipment.

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