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What is CTN?

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) also known as Bordereau de Suivi Cargaison (BSC) it has different names in other countries. CTN is an official marine document that contains all the comprehensive details about your goods when its transfer between ports, and the transit time..The CTN number must be displayed on all documentation pertaining to the cargo being shipped under this note.The certificate number should be given to the ocean carrier by the shipper or forwarder at the port of loading for inclusion in the manifest and bill of lading.

What is ECTN?

ECTN stands for Electronic Cargo Tracking Note is a mandatory and crucial certificate to transport goods to countries. Ectn contains a all the information about the expoter, importer, and transporting goods, etc.It gives all the information and comprehensive details about your goods to the authority to track, manage, and supervise from loading to discharge.

Benefits of CTN Agent In Mumbai

Hiring a CTN Agent in Mumbai has various benefits for importer as well as export. As ctn certificate contains all the information about cargo like full details of the exporter/ importer, shipping method (containerised, groupage etc), type and value of goods being transported, name of vessel and cost of freight for the shipment. This helps in planning faster routes save time, reduce risk of damging goods, reduce delays in delivery cargo and Providing comfort and security customers.

Who Can Apply For CTN

Companies involved in overseas shipping of any kind, whether for personal shipments, business shipments, excess baggage shipping or commodity shipping, are now required to provide or obtain Cargo Tracking.

Notes for all cargo travelling by sea.

Ctn Agent In Mumbai | Bst ECTN Agent in Mumbai

Some Faqs related to CTN Agent In Mumbai

You can apply for ITIN number by filling the form W7.  apart from that You need to fill form along with your tax returns for that year

SAMSEA SHIPPING PVT LTD are one of the most trustable and experienced CTN Agent in Mumbai. We have worked for various industries and sector all over India.

There are some easy procedure you need take to complete application: You need to send the scanned copies of required documents to an agent. The agent will then issue an invoice and provide you a copy of the ECTN certificate for your approval of the shipment details.

Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) is an official marine document that contains all the comprehensive details about your goods when its transfer between ports.

CTN number is necessary to put on all the documentation related to the cargo being shipped under this note.

ECTN stands for Electronic Cargo Tracking Note is a mandatory certificate in shipping. This certificate contains information about freight or cargo, and it is used by authorities in some countries to control imported goods before they reach the destination port.

Cargo Tracking Note is Important because it gives all information about shipment to the custom authorities. It helps them to track each incoming shipment and assuring that the required import paperwork is managed correctly.

Yes, the CTN is required for each & every Bill of Lading including groupage containers.

If you dont have ctn number then your shipment might not even be allowed to leave the port of origin.

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